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About us


SmithWood Productions is a British owned Video Production Company based on the Costa del Sol, Spain formed in 1993 to produce "The Entertainment Channel", a daily 3 hour English language TV programme broadcast along the Costa del Sol

"The Entertainment Channel" ran successfully until the summer of ´98 when SmithWood Productions branched out into the other production fields:

· Video and TV Production,
· Video, CD/DVD Duplication,
· Film Location,
· Clearance and Equipment Hire,
· Internet Video Streaming,
· Conference Multimedia Production.


En Armonia


After purchasing a digital clip from SABS 2018 En Armonía, you will receive an email with sections for you to fill in regarding the clip you wish to purchase. REPLY to this email after filling in the necessary details.

Once we receive these details we will send you an email with the download link as soon as it is ready, and instructions about how to download your clip.

  Individual Competition Performances (Production with 3 Cameras + Titles)
Concurso Individual (Montaje con 3 Cameras + Títulos)
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  Thursday / Jueves - A CAPPELA MAGIC USA MEETS UK Add to Cart 
  Friday / Viernes - SHOWTIME Add to Cart 
  Saturday / Sabado - ESPECTACULO Add to Cart 
  SABS National Quartet Contest
Concurso de Cuartetos SABS
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  International Quartet Contest
Concurso de Cuartetos Internacional
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  SABS Chorus Contest
Concurso de Coros SABS
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  International Chorus Contest
Concurso de Coros Internacional
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