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USB Pen Drivers Personalised to USB Pen and Stick Drives...


CD,DVD and USB Pen/Stick Drive duplication, including printing and a choice of sleeves, cases and boxes:-


CD Business Cards - each disc has a 50MB capacity

This translates to:-


8,500 Text Pages
1,700 Web Pages
60 minutes <power Point Presentation
10 minutes of Video
over 50 minutes of Music
various combination of above


Nexus SmithWood Productions Viva

Tommy Scott ASC VTV


Music & Data CD's - Video & Data DVD's

Full size CD - 700MB and DVD - 4.7lGB with full surface printing

Malaga WOW

"NEW" BLACK CARBON CD - This 'Eye-catching' BLACK CD is more resistant to scratching and harmfull Ultra-Violet light than oither kinds of CD

Black CD - DVD Black CD-DVD


SB Pendrivers Personalised to USB Pen and Stick Drives

USB pen/stick drives - The 'New' promotional item that is guaranteed to be used over and over again. Available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB storage sizes.
Unlike DVD's and CD's which may only be used once, the USB drive has the great advantage of being re-usable again and again by yoiur customer as portable storage, thus guaranteeing continued viedwing of your product/service.
We can offer many forms of design, presentation and content.
Some examples of content format.

1. Open - The full storage space is open for the customer to use.,

2. Pre loaded content - You chiose what is loaded and whether it is secure (undeletable), the remaining space is for your customer to use as storage.

3. Auto play - We can create an 'Autoplay' feature that loads your chosen content. This can be your website, media content (video, flash etc) a document/form, in fact almost sanything of your choosing. The remaining space is for your customer to use as storage.

4. An LCD 'Video' panel featuring your logo on the case.

5. Fingerprint protected access.

pen drive pen drive pen drive
pen drive pen drive

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